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Multi-Ethnic Sports and Cultures NI has the following bespoke programmes in place to achieve its objectives and purposes:

1. MSCNI Sport-Cultural Festival is a summer event celebrating diverse cultural extravaganza, cross-community and family reunion. Its 1st edition was in 2016. It features T F Football League: 11 aside football teams from different communities within Northern Ireland. This is done with the view to play a role in making Northern Ireland a multicultural nation, invoking the spirit of sportsmanship and togetherness, encouraging cross-community participation in grassroots football, saying no to racism and cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity in sports and culture.

2. T F Inter-Community & Transcultural Family Table Tennis Championship is another annual event of MSCNI. Its 1st edition was in January 2017. It does not only encourage people to participate in the game of table tennis but it is also a great platform for promoting racial harmony and good relation. A day for cultural diversity, dance, music, drum workshop, food tasting, family reunion and loads of games for the kids. Aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, drive cross-community participation, break down cultural barriers and all other elements that work against our togetherness and a united community. Our inter-community activities are capable of establishing community engagement, intercultural relationships, closer connection, common grounds for trust building and understanding among communities in Northern Ireland.

3. Celebration of African Queens: The fact that MSCNI is culturally diversified gave birth to this Celebration. It is conceived to bring communities together with the view to celebrate cultural diversity by showing diverse native fashion endowments and beautification of women.

We also run sports-related programmes to serve our purposes: Friendly Sports Matches, Women 4sports, Titanic Football Club, Sports Mentorship and Training.

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